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Big Data - Oh no not another opinion

The Viking Norman’s, after their invasion of Britain developed a big data solution. The Doomsday Book was a massive data collection programme to prove property ownership and tax revenues. Big data was born, or was it?

Big data. It seems everyone has an opinion and is eager to provide some sort of solution long on opinion, but short on definition. The major BI vendors talk about their Big Data technology solutions as well as their consultancy expertise. Industry observers have spent a lot of time analysing it. Thus enabling us to spend a lot of money pouring over their words and quadrants.

But does Big Data really exist? Or are we living in the midst of a hype cycle about something that has existed for a very long time?

For those of us who have lived with the changing world of data management for many years, the simple answer is no. Data has been expanding exponentially for a long time. Whilst Big Data can certainly describe the digital journey of data. In reality for those us in data, we are better off calling it More Data.

More sources, more feeds and therefore more insights for businesses to act on, what is new about this? Nothing is the answer. Sure the sources and insight demands have grown more complex. The volumes larger. The quality vaguer and the speed more aggressive. But essentially we are only collecting, ordering and presenting more data on ever more capable technology, derived from ever more digitised sources.

The value is the key. Never the size.