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Instant mortgage

The holy trinity of a data solution for mortgage origination is providing a customer journey that is quick, painless and risk free.

But with the largest financial product that the vast majority of people purchase, there is complexity.

At Datashore we developed the analytical risk engine that risk assesses every property in the UK which can be scored against any mortgage application.

For a global banking organisation we have taken their property risk profile, location, density of book and combine that with the open data banking data to deliver affordability data to instantly approve a mortgage for their customers.

The customer journey is reduced to hours, AI replaces lengthy decisioning and the data pre-populates over 90% of the key questions in the loans process. Customer journey, risk and sales performance are all winners.


Sports Performance

Whilst it may sound harsh a sports person is an asset. One that obviously has to perform. To perform that asset needs investment and results are the return on that investment.

At Datashore we developed the performance analytics platform for one of the most successful teams on the globe. We benchmark individuals against every other athlete in their field in the world. Monitor their results and provide constant feedback on how they returning on their investment.

It allows for consistent feedback to the investors on the need to improve to hit their goals. The insights allow analytical models to be developed to look into future assets. Success starts to become empirical, results more certain and investment properly focused.