Zen Stones

Datashore Platform

Automated Data Audit

Data Delivered

You have defined the data needed to feed your intelligence. But now you are faced with the task of profiling and arranging the collection of it.

Here at Datashore Solutions we have built the automation tools needed to profile, audit and then extract the data into our Datashore platform. The toughest task has been automated giving you more time to deal with the data strategy and data exploitation your business needs.

Manage the Data

Data Treasury

We have built a flexible cost effective way to store, manage and access your data. Delivered on the latest secure cloud based infrastructure, we have architected a state of the art suite of data storage, management and governance tools.

The key is flexibility. Is it just a Proof of Value? Is it a production ready critical data solution? You buy into what you need with flexible pricing and service arrangements tailored to your requirements.  

Exploit Data

Data Science Workbench

At Datashore Solutions, we combine our skills and our workbench to deliver intelligent insights. We’re proud of the use cases and case studies we have built.

We bring a suite of tools which deliver analysis and visualisations to your data enabling your business to take actions from clearly presented insights. Add to this our intimate knowledge of available data sets we can augment and enhance data solutions in many ways.