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Know Your Data

Automated Data Audits

There are many reasons for knowing your data. Not least because it will always be a core asset with many responsibilities. It enables:

Market exploitation


Customer service

Financial performance

HR management

Business planning

But where is this data? Who owns it? How is it managed? How is it secured?​ What does it mean? How good is it?

Many organisations have no idea where to start and who should own the problem. It leads to uncertainty and no means of exploiting, using it or efficiently managing it.

At Datashore Solutions we have the solution. Our unique automated audit of your data. We find it, we map it, we profile it and most importantly of all we document it. Not just for the IT teams, but more essentially we deliver the necessary business glossaries and data dictionaries to the business.

As we audit we apply the governance processes your business needs for the data assets.

It is a unique solution in the market place. At the end of our audit you will be in a position to know where it is, what quality it is, what it actually means and most importantly of all how to manage and exploit it.

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