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We have carefully chosen partners whose approach and ethos fits the way we support our clients

Datashore Solutions

Automated Data Audit


One of the key exercises in any data project is the profiling and collecting of data.
Accelerating and automating that process is key to getting to an insight that can be trusted in the minimal amount of time.
We partner with AnalytixDS to achieve this acceleration. Data Profiling, Data Quality, automated testing and ETL code generation all linked to our Datashore platform.

Geospatial Excellence


Everything has to be somewhere! We chose to partner with the credentials to provide spatial data and analytcal tools that is essential to most use cases.

People, products, risk and indeed almost everything can be located and associated with the analysis you need.

Mapcite have worked with some of the biggest financial, utilities and government organisations.

Data Treasury


Azure represents the leader in data platforms. The scalability of the solution the sheer breadth of the tools and applications in the Marketplace make the Microsoft Azure environment the place to discover insights.
The Datashore solution lives in the Azure cloud and many of our core data storage and analytics capabilities use Microsofts impressive suite of solutions.